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52 Ancestors: Week 29: Thomas Rushton b.1793 in St Andrews, Worcestershire, England.

Thomas Rushton was born about 1793 in St Andrews, Worcestershire, England. 

Thomas Rushton was employed as a Labourer Street Sweeper in 1851 in Worcester, Worcestershire, England. He lived in Worcester St Clement, Worcestershire, England in 1851 (Age: 58; Relation to Head of House: Head). He was counted in the census in 1861 in Church Walk, St Clement, Worcester, Worcestershire, England. 

Thomas Rushton and Sarah had the following child:
  • Sarah Rushton was born in 1831 in Bransford, Worcestershire, England. She married Moses Mottram on 12 November 1854 in Worcester St Martin, Worcestershire, England. She married Thomas Edwards on 05 September 1865 in St Clement, Worcester, Worcestershire, England.

52 Ancestors: Week 28: Joseph Copson b.c. 1771 in Polesworth

Joseph Copson was born in 1771 in Polesworth, Warwickshire, England. When he was 22, he married Ann Clive,daughter of George Clive and Lydia Harper, on 12 Sep 1793 in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England. When he was 35, he married Elizabeth Holmes on 02 Feb 1806 in St Martins, Sutton?

Joseph Copson and Ann Clive had the following children:

  • Joseph Copson was born on 29 Mar 1794.
  • Mary Copson was born on 10 Sep 1796.
  • Ann Copson was born on 17 Jan 1801.
  • Lydia Copson was born on 26 Feb 1803.

Joseph Copson and Elizabeth Holmes had no children.

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52 Ancestors: Week 27: Ann Millar b.c. 1744

Ann Millar was born in 1744 (guess at year of birth). When she was 20, she married Robert Tweedy on 10 November 1764 in Earsdon, Northumberland, England.

Robert Tweedy and Ann Millar had the following children:
  • Robert Tweedy was born on 27 August 1769 in Earsdon, Northumberland, England.
  • Ann Tweedy was born on 04 March 1771 in Earsdon, Northumberland, England (Guess from FamilySearch records for Earsdon). She married Robert Fairbairn on 15 September 1792 in Earsdon, Northumberland, England. She died in 1793.

52 Ancestors: Week 26: Charles B Conner b.1863 in Oakville, Halton, Ontario, Canada

Charles B Conner was born in Sep 1863 in Oakville, Halton, Ontario, Canada as the first child of John Conner and Hannah. When he was 26, he married an unknown spouse on 18 Sep 1889 in Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.

Charles B Conner lived in Ontario, Canada between 1891 and 1911.

Charles B Conner and Bessie Hennesy had the following children:

  • Charles Thomas Conner was born on 26 Jul 1890 in Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.
  • Margaret Annie Conners was born in Aug 1892 in Ontario, Canada.
  • Clarence Walter Conner was born on 05 May 1894 in Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.
  • Allen B Connars was born in Dec 1895 in Ontario, Canada.

Charles B Conner and [unknown spouse] had no known children.

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52 Ancestors: Week 25: William George Breed, b.1853 Luton, Bedfordshire, lived in Birmingham/Aston

William George Breed was born about 1853 in Luton, Bedfordshire, England.

William George Breed and Caroline had the following children:
  • William H Breed was born about 1880 in Aston Manor, Aston, Warwickshire, England.
  • Charles Breed was born about 1881 in Aston Manor, Aston, Warwickshire, England. He married Martha James on 05 Oct 1902 in Birmingham, Immanuel, Warwickshire, England.
  • Hayelelell Breed was born about 1887 in Aston, Warwickshire, England.
  • Alice M Breed was born about 1889 in Aston, Warwickshire, England.
  • Ada F Breed was born about 1893 in Aston, Warwickshire, England.
  • Ernest G Breed was born about 1896 in Aston, Warwickshire, England.
  • Christopher Breed was born about 1897 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
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Sunday, 8 June 2014

52 Ancestors: Week 24: Catherine Maria Guillon, the 14 year old bride in India in 1844

Catherine Maria Guillon was born on 4 January 1830 in Bellary, Madras, India as possibly the first child of Alexander or Archibald Guillon. She was baptized on 12 February 1830. It would appear that when she was just 14 (probably not uncommon in India at that time), she married Richard Seddon, son of Giles Seddon, on 9 October 1844 in Bellary, Madras, India.

Richard Seddon and Catherine Maria Guillon had the following known children:
  1. Richard John Seddon was born on 09 Nov 1851 in Madras, India. He died in 1890.
  2. Giles Seddon was born on 12 May 1856 in Madras, India.
  3. Alexander Seddon was born on 26 Sep 1857 in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  4. Agnas Ellen Seddon was born on 26 Dec 1860 in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. She died on 18 Jul 1862 in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  5. Ruth Seddon was born on 13 Aug 1862 in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. She died on 15 Jun 1864 in Madras, India.
  6. Allan Jehoshaphat Seddon was born on 20 Sep 1864 in Madras, India.
  7. Samuel Arthur Seddon was born on 30 Jan 1868 in Mooltan, West Bengal, India. He died on 01 Jul 1939 in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India. He married Sybil Rosamund Pitts on 23 Sep 1891.
  8. Judith Seddon was born on 16 Sep 1869 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
  9. Lucy Seddon was born on 17 Jan 1871 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. She died in 1871 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
  10. Esther Seddon was born on 20 May 1874 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
This is a work in progress and much of the information needs to be checked and double checked.

52 Ancestors: Week 23: John Bunce Lea - from Kidderminster to Quebec

John Bunce Lea was born about 1844 in Lower Mitton, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England as the third child of James Bunce Lea and Ann Davis. He had three siblings, namely: Charles Bunce, Sarah Ann, and Elizabeth. When he was 26, he married Harriot Caroline Barnet Batkin, daughter of William Batkin, on 26 April 1870 in St Stephens Claines Worcester.

John Bunce Lea lived in Worcestershire, England according to the 1851 and 1861 censuses. He arrived in Quebec and Montreal, Quebec on 13 Jul 1870 and was still living there according to the 1881 and 1891 Canadian censuses.

John Bunce Lea and Harriot Caroline Barnet Batkin had the following known children:
  1. Frederick W Lea was born in 1863 in England.
  2. Emma E. Lea was born in 1867 in England.
  3. John E. J. Lea was born in 1869 in England.
  4. Louisa Lea was born in 1869 in England.
  5. James Lea was born in 1870 in England.
  6. Charles H. Lea was born in 1871 in Quebec, Quebec. He married twice it would seem. The first time to Emma Perry on 20 February 1894 in Guildhall, Essex, Vermont, USA. And the second time to Jennie C Perry on 29 September 1902 in Lancaster, Coos, New Hampshire, USA. He died before 1930.
  7. Florence Isabella Lea was born in around June 1871 in Quebec, Quebec. She married George Emery Cilley on 03 October 1893 in Colebrook, Coos County, New Hampshire, USA.
  8. Alberta A Lea was born around Marche 1873 in Canada.
  9. Ada A. Lea was born in 1874 in Quebec, Quebec.
  10. Laura A Lea was born on 10 December 1875 in Quebec, Quebec. She married Benjamin Pierce Bullock on 28 December 1904 in Lancaster, Coos, New Hampshire, USA.  She died in Caledonia, Vermont, USA. 
  11. William B. Lea was born in 1879 in Quebec, Quebec.
  12. Walter Alexander Lea was born on 24 April 1885 in Quebec, Quebec. He died in Los Angeles, California, USA.